“When you let people participate in the design process, you find that they often have ingenious ideas about what would really help them. And it’s not a onetime thing; it’s an iterative process.”

Melinda Gates

A number of readers of my last post asked me: “What exactly makes a product’s design human or user focused?” Simply stated, it is understanding from the user’s perspective the task that needs to be accomplished and then building a product or service that helps them accomplish that task faster and easier, but in a way that is natural and intuitive for the user.  While it may sound simple, it is often the hardest part of product development.  Continue reading

“We don’t need different software, what we need is more lawyer discipline…”

Anonymous law firm IT Director

There is undoubtedly no end of reasons why a technology product fails, but the one that most often jumps out at me is when the product’s creators (or the persons making the purchasing decision) fail to understand their users. This is especially true when it comes to legal technology as lawyers tend to be far more reticent in changing their ways and behavior than almost all other professionals. Continue reading